Conference Videos for “Challenges” Conference at Purdue

Conference Website

This website includes videos of the presentations (and replies and Q&A) at the Sept 6-8, 2012 conference at Purdue University entitled “Challenges to Religious and Moral Belief: Disagreement and Evolution” (sponsored by Purdue University and the John Templeton Foundation). For more information about the conference and sponsors, including paper abstracts and the conference schedule, see the conference website. Videos may be accessed by clicking on the tabs above or on the speaker’s name below.

Session 1: Robert Audi (Notre Dame), “Normative Disagreement as a Challenge to Moral Philosophy and Philosophical Theology”

Session 2: Charles Mathewes (Virginia), “Theologies of Hell and Epistemological Conflict”

Session 3: Mark Murphy (Georgetown), “Towards God’s Own Ethics”

Session 4: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke), “Disagreeing with Psychopaths”

Session 5: Timothy Jackson (Emory), “Not by Reason Alone: The Priority of Sanctity over Dignity”

Session 6: John Hare (Yale), “Conscience and the Moral Epistemology of Divine Command Theory”

Session 7: Ralph Wedgwood (USC), “Moral Disagreement among Philosophers”

Session 8: Sarah Brosnan (Georgia State), “Primate Precursors to Moral Behavior”

Session 9: Dustin Locke (Claremont McKenna), “Darwinian Normative Skepticism”

Session 10: Sharon Street (NYU), “The Existence of God as a Normative Question”

No Video: Richard Sosis and Jordan Kiper (Connecticut), “Religion is more than Belief: What Evolutionary Theories of Religion Tell us about Religious Commitments”

Conference Website